IBM Rational Developer for System z (RDz) built on Eclipse platform consists of powerful tools for mainframe application development. It provides a common integrated development environment (IDE) for traditional mainframe development, leading edge mainframe development and cross platform development for COBOL, PL/I, JAVA, C/C++, Assembly and Web Service projects. RDz comprises of integrated set of tools that supports end-to-end application development from analysis, to editing, unit testing and deployment of applications.

Why RDz

  • Rich GUI with development specific perspectives, multiple concurrent views and its customization.
  • Concurrent connections to different LPARs.
  • Context-sensitive editors with Content Assist feature.
  • Local and Remote Syntax Checking.
  • Shell window for TSO and UNIX commands.
  • Debugging Applications.
  • Offloading source files from mainframe to PC
  • Content Assist Code Completion – Significantly reduces typos.
  • Validation Interactive syntax checking -cathes typos on runtime.
  • Local Syntax Check Offloaded compile
  • Remote Compile z/OS compile without creating binaries – significantly less expensive.
  • Full Compile Enterprise Compiler.

Royal Cyber and RDz Expert Consulting Services

As a product with an 11 year history – utilized in over 2,000 accounts world-wide, RDz is the premier ISPF replacement IDE for doing z/OS traditional work (maintenance, production support and development of new business functionality) and modernizing your applications through SOA/Web Services or other new application directions.

Because RDz is such broad and deep technology, and because your shop is unique in its internal processes, procedures, software stack and application development apps, and especially because mainframe programmers have been using the (well) mainframe for between 5 and 35 years, often we at Royal Cyber find discrepancies between the expectation you have going into an RDz Rollout and results or Return-on-Investment you get out of the product.

Quality – expert consulting services in RDz is as rare as it is valuable – really… it’s invaluable to the success of your Rollout project. We’ve been doing RDz Rollouts for 3 and ½ years – and have a catalog of services that includes:

Custom RDz training

  • Oriented to COBOL, PL/I, Assembler and Java development
  • Designed for different stakeholders in your organization (applications analysts vs. developers, etc.)
  • Courseware licensing – if you’re thinking of doing training yourself
  • Various forms and modes of RDz mentoring assistance – from on-site to remote to packaged/self-help videos and other deliverables
  • Rollout consulting
  • Custom workspace design based on z/OS application usage modeling
  • ROI Metric assessment
  • RDz technical evaluation and certification

We have 9 full-time RDz professional consultants, and 3 professional RDz trainers. Among the 9 Royal Cyber RDz professionals we count over 30 years of RDz production use, best practices, rollout, and mentoring, training and project assistance.

RDz Distance Learning (Free)

Royal Cyber offers Distance learning classes for everyone. We are offering DL classes for this year as well. Kindly register yourself on our website. Learn how to use IBM’s Rational Developer for System z (RDz) product to analyze, develop, maintain, support and test z/OS traditional applications and create/test Web Services using IBM’s Rational Developer for System z.

What We Offer?

  • Rollout & Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Training & Mentoring