IIB for Flexibility in Communication between Applications

Transforming Heterogeneous It Environments

IBM Integration Bus Advanced previously known as WebSphere Message Broker is an enterprise service bus providing connectivity and data transformation across SOA and non-SOA environments.

IIB Aiding Smarter Decisions

  • Universal connectivity and Data transformation for standard and non-standard applications
  • Defines rules to apply them on data or events that flow through WebSphere Message Broker
  • Point’s information to other applications to match real-time data to key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Securely stores data for offline analysis and auditing without necessitating changes to business applications

Connect Through A Range Of Diverse Applications

Royal Cyber & You

Royal Cyber is an IBM Premier Business Partner with more than 10 years of experience in IBM technologies.

  • With several years of experience in the space of Connectivity & SOA, our teams are empowered to appropriately guide you through a unified experience as you bring the power of IIB to your organization
  • Analyzed current landscape and performed a PoC while working along with the customer to finalize the deployment architecture
  • We help companies get more by combining deep technical skill with comprehensive software expertise
  • We can get your IT environment up-to-the minute, allowing you to continuously innovate an increasingly competitive market

Comprehensive IIB Service Offerings

  • Consulting Engagement to define target deployment architecture plan
  • End-to-end solution implementation from planning to cutover
  • An understanding of future needs and software options
  • Design-pattern-based testing and testing support
  • Production rollout and transition with support team

Our Solution Benefits

  • Robustly transforms data, enabling interoperability of diverse systems
  • Facilitates interactions between application and services, smoothly allowing to engage new services and applications
  • Offers developer aids and integrated nodes for connecting IBM Sterling Connect: Direct®
  • Enables you to connect virtually any service and application over many protocols
  • Allowing security-rich data storage for offline audit logging and analysis without changing the business applications

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