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What is BPM?

Business Process Management is a methodical approach that centers around to align all aspects of an organization with a vision for constant process improvement. Devising the right technology in place can aid in success of the organization, but optimizing and fine tuning the practices can deliver true value to your organization.

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Royal Cyber's practice on BPM

Royal Cyber is a certified Business Partner of IBM and has gained the competency in customization and implementation of IBM BPM. Royal Cyber offers a full set of IBM BPM services, which includes, customization, implementation, installation, analysis, technical support, consulting and training.

Get complimentary five hour consultation
Our services include
  • Documenting a blue print which includes scripts, pre-configured software that comprises of security log and modules.
  • Implementing a BPM process from inception-to-finale.
  • Discovery Assessment that provides an analysis and estimation plan for the process.
  • Providing a roadmap to establish CoE by planning on infrastructure, project funding, resource structuring and project estimates.
  • Application and Infrastructure Advisory to plan and resolve all reported issues.
Benefits of Business Process Management
  • Providing complete visibility to all process for better collaboration and constant process improvement.
  • Increase efficiency with a federated view for managing work, performing tasks, tracking performance and responding to events in real time
  • Empower knowledge of the workers with synchronized real time data analytics to improve business processes
  • Enhance time and value through user focused design capabilities and also include a guide for step by step guide for the process.
  • Confidently managing the change with a unified model-driven environment that gives everybody a visibility of the process
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Why Royal Cyber?

  • Royal Cyber offers specialized expertise in every business facet delivering high quality solutions to its clients.
  • Having noteworthy hands-on experience and expertise in implementation, deployment and project management of BPM solutions.
  • Pioneers in Business transformation
  • Most fittingly delivering cutting-edge & industry-focused solutions for quantifiable business outcomes.
  • We reflect our way through efficient delivery mechanisms
  • We can engage and team up with you for any of the services and be associated with you which would be mutually beneficial.

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During your consultation, our business process experts will assist you in:

  • Identify the initial steps for building a plan
  • Helping you to integrate BPM system with your existing applications
  • Gain a sample view of your workflows to improve your performance
  • Outline the components required for an effective implementation plan