Royal Cyber’s API management solution for IBM DataPower makes internal systems to be easily reached as APIs and SOA services by leveraging DataPower’s security and integration features. Clients can easily create and manage APIs on DataPower that effortlessly integrates with most backend systems such as mainframes, WebSphere, and WebSphere MQ.

Groundbreaking XML and web services enablement for your current systems infrastructure

  • Royal Cyber delivers premeditated DataPower Infrastructure solutions for a wide array of mid-market and enterprise-level customers. IBM’s DataPower includes several applications.
  • Each application has a tenacity of its own and it is critical that the proper application be possibility chosen carefully for your organization’s unique needs.
  • DataPower applications are mostly used by organizations that devise Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) model.
  • The applications are highly optimized for security checks, XML processing, routing capabilities, protocol bridging and message transformations.
  • We define the architecture, install, set up and support DataPower with our honed talents in the industry.

Data Power Services

Make your organization ready for a successful future

Take your enterprise closer than ever to customers, partners, and suppliers with Royal Cyber’s expert consultant services. The blend of our expertise implementation & IT experience and industry-leading technology can help secure, integrate and improve access to mobile, web, and API workloads.

The best SOA appliance is the one that supports your business aspirations become reality. To learn further about IBM DataPower appliances, or to settle on to which appliance fits best for your organization, kindly get in touch with us. When you make fast decisions, it has a direct influence on your bottom line.