The use of Coremetrics lets companies to conduct proficient analysis of customer interactions, as well as the interaction between marketing activities and conversions. Regardless of the all-inclusive reports, segmentation options and key parameters, Coremetrics is simple and intuitive to use.

SEO Solutions

Key features of Coremetrics

  • Gain understanding with innate reporting
  • Exploit powerful analytics
  • Turn insights into automated marketing action
  • Embed analytics into your enterprises
  • Streamline the management of tags and other digital marketing services
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Comparative benchmark

Coremetrics Suite Advantage

  • A solution that provisions to support entire marketing channels and campaigns, by means of decreasing the intricacies associated with incorporating multiple vendors
  • An online marketing application and data syndication that allows optimization and personalization for displaying advertising campaigns
  • The industry’s most refined recommendation engine that automatically generates personalized product and content recommendations
  • An email marketing system that associates online profiles of customer and visitor activity with your email vendor to implement highly targeted email campaigns
  • Data-driven, rationalized search marketing tools to improve top business results, decrease operational costs, and demonstrate ROI on Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

How can we help to create highly targeted marketing campaigns?

  • Coremetrics technical trouble-shooting
  • Recommending on proper site promotions, link click, shop action, element, registration, and various other tracking tag implementations
  • Reviewing and building Coremetrics tracking requirement
  • Configuring custom dashboards, funnels and reports
  • Testing and debugging support using Coremetrics tagbar
  • Set-up custom tracking parameters for tracking online and offline campaigns
  • Configuring the CDF
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Coremetrics tutorials and training sessions for your staff
How Royal Cyber?

Why Royal Cyber?

  • Offers Advance level of IBM Coremetrics Implementation and consultation services.
  • Being an IBM premier business partner, let us solve your complex use cases & issues while keeping you to remain focused on your business objectives
  • Providing your organization an optimized marketing solution
  • We have magnificently delivered numerous projects for our Global clients
  • Our experienced business analysts understand your business requirement and customize these reports

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