In the digital age of mobile-empowered consumers and big data, the speed at which companies send, receive and process extreme information is very critical. Companies across all industries must necessarily be able to move data very quickly and reliably. Visualize to send a 10GB file over to the US in 1.4 minutes, or a 100GB file from USA to Asia in 14 minutes. The latest acquisition of IBM's software – Aspera does it all.

For certain industries—such as media & entertainment, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, oil & gas, legal, government, and financial services—these concerns are even more critical. Huge data collections and files are the essence of these organizations. The timeliness at which this information can reach its endpoint can have a significant impact on the organization's success.

The next-gen data transport technology

The world’s greatest digital assets move at maximum speed, irrespective of the file size, transfer distance and network conditions.

Boundless & Efficacious

  • Ideal end-to-end throughput efficacy
  • Automatic, full deployment of existing bandwidth
  • Transfer rates upto thousand times faster than FTP
  • Accurate and reliable transfer times
  • Data encryption and data integrity protect valuable content
  • Supports all deployment models

Markets Served

Better Global Transfers

Aspera FASP is a ground-breaking bulk data transport technology built on these fundamental principles that is intended to provide an optimal alternative to traditional TCP-based transport technologies for transferring files over public and private IP networks.

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