Get Closer to Mobile Users with Intuitive Interactions

Enterprise mobility solutions for connecting brands with customers

As businesses continue to face disruptions due to new forms of mobile technology, IBM MobileFirst empowers organizations with a holistic environment to develop apps and enable engagement. Royal Cyber’s IBM MobileFirst services help to redefine your enterprise for the mobile world.

Sterling CPQ Benefits

What It Can Do for Your Business

IBM MobileFirst can help your business to transform and speed up engagement both inside and outside the organization with a functional mobile development platform. It can help:

  • Increase revenue by enhancing developer productivity and lowering the cost of delivery
  • Ensure easy integration with the enterprise environment and third party apps
  • Readily access data from multiple systems
  • Support e-commerce features
  • Perform development activities in a secure, centralized environment


Royal Cyber & You

We are among the very few IBM Business Partners to have embraced IBM MobileFirst as part of our mobile development technology. Our team of developers and solutions architects have an established MobileFirst practice.

We can help you in:

  • Delivering innovative mobile applications for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices
  • Enabling the conception of rich, cross-platform applications without using code translation, proprietary interpreters, or unpopular scripting languages
  • Ensuring that the time-to-market, cost and complexity of development is reduced, and that an enhanced user experience is presented across a range of mobile devices
  • Creating a real-time, collaborative flow of mission-critical data from the field, for better decision-making and improving business performance

Our MobileFirst Solutions

IBM has enabled MobileFirst to address issues and opportunities across eight key verticals. Royal Cyber’s expertise in aligning MobileFirst and business needs helps in delivering innovative solutions in the following verticals:


  • Deliver personalized mobile banking solutions through innovative and secure mobile capabilities that emulate branch activities.
  • Provide contextual insight in real-time about financial transactions and spending patterns.
  • Provide smarter commerce solutions that combine intelligent shopping and payment capabilities.

Retail & MobileFirst

  • Create a seamless shopping capability with engaging, digital one-stop shopping experience.
  • Provide relevant real-time engagement that is contextual, timely and local to create a personalized in-app experience within the physical store.
  • Capitalize on lifetime value of customers by listening to their in-app activity, sentiment and conversions.

Healthcare & MobileFirst

  • Provide medical accessibility services on the go, such as finding a doctor, booking appointments, etc.
  • Package healthcare services in such a way that treatments and related information can be readily accessed by patients.

Travel & Transport

  • Provide easier and more intuitive customer experience management solutions.
  • Better manage the maintenance and operations of transport fleets, bookings, and transactions.

Insurance & MobileFirst

  • Deliver case and scenario based solutions relating to mobile claims.
  • Build innovative customer and agent engagement solutions that are transparent.

Telecom & MobileFirst

  • Provide solutions for subscription and service management.
  • Enable field service teams with logistics and technical support.

Government & MobileFirst

  • Enable interaction with different government agencies, contractors and citizen groups with intelligent services relating to information, transaction, and operation.