IBM Bluemix

Make the Cloud a Partner in Marketing Success

Build, deploy, and manage applications and services rapidly

IBM Bluemix is a multi-faceted cloud platform that enables quick development and deployment of intelligent apps and services. Royal Cyber’s IBM Bluemix services assists businesses to build their cloud capabilities so that they can rapidly adapt to the market needs.

Transforming Businesses

You don’t need to have a high level of technical know-how to capitalize on the cloud platform’s capabilities. Today’s commerce demand that your existing IT and the cloud must integrate for driving business transformation inside out. Royal Cyber shows you how to make Bluemix work for you.


Ensuring Excellence with Bluemix

Cloud applications built on Bluemix have business critical advantages such as reduced total cost of ownership, flexible capacity, and faster development cycle among others. Businesses and developers prefer to use the Bluemix platform because it is designed to

Royal Cyber & You

Royal Cyber is an IBM Premier Business Partner with more than 10 years of experience in IBM technologies.
Having delivered enterprise-level services for integrating cloud applications, we can help you in:

  • Deploying and managing applications on the cloud
  • Integrating and scaling up the cloud environment
  • Capitalizing your existing skills and application
IBM Premier Business Partner

Our Bluemix Services

Determining the best compute environment

Our experts identify your workload demands and recommend the suitable compute mix for your organization.

Leveraging your on-premises data

By establishing a secure gateway, we help you to connect your apps to your in-house infrastructure & get more out of it.

Configuring storage solutions

With Bluemix´s Open Stack storage services, we provide solutions for you data, supporting different cloud environments.

Enabling data & analytics capability

Using Bluemix´s prebuilt connections to data sources, we help you to derive meaningful relationships between data.

Managing APIs

Bluemix´s integration capability is among the best in the cloud. You can connect data and services, convert them to APIs, and manage them.

Managing compliance & security

With policy-based authentication & single sign-on capabilities, you can protect your data and control access.

Building & deploying new applications

Towards creating new applications real fast, we can help you leverage Bluemix´s application services to build intelligent programs.

Enabling connections across devices

With Bluemix´s IoT capability, you can extend your apps and services across devices and integrate them with the cloud.