Royal Cyber approach to mobile commerce is unique among other commerce solution providers. Like others, we know that smartphones and tablets have become a mainstream shopping venue requiring robust support for product research and transactions. And so we provide deeper support for mobile devices than any other vendor. But we also help our customers deploy hybris mobile commerce solution to enhance B2B interactions and business growth.

The comprehensive hybris mobile solution includes:

  • full support for the mobile web, which 2/3 of shoppers prefer over apps:
  • a great mobile shopping experience
  • mobile-optimized search & navigation
  • mobile-optimized product pages, cart pages and checkout processes

Support iOS and Android native apps

  • pre-built Commerce Accelerator apps
  • mobile app SDK’s including pre-configured sample apps

Barcode / QR and NFC support

  • easy QR generation built-in
  • hybris is NFC (near-field communications) ready
  • show additional product details to assist customers in-store
  • sell directly from print ads
  • link to micro sites showing videos or pictures
  • generate mobile coupons to redeem in-store

Location services

  • Supports GPS data to determine nearest store location
  • Delivers location-based promotions
  • Leverages hybris order management to show stock levels and click & collect opportunities

Text-based services

  • Engage customers personally through one-to-one mobile communication
  • Execute sophisticated push and pull SMS and MMS campaigns
  • Send targeted promotions and product information
  • Send delivery notification