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What is hybris technology?

hybris is a pioneer software provider of a complete eCommerce solution with support for all channels, touchpoints and devices. It seamlessly integrates your product information, business processes and sales channels with mobile, web, and order management straight from the box.

Innovative Value-Add-Ons

In addition to integrating extensions available in the marketplace i.e.

  • Payment Integration
  • Loyalty Rewards Point System
  • Gift Card System
  • Speed Build
We have our own value-add-ons:

Address Verification

This will help the customers when they are entering the address, it gives the suggestions and it gives the verified address. By this the delivering of ordered items becomes fast and reliable. This will helps the client as well as customer.

Product Video

While the mere presence of a video on a product detail page seems to have a positive impact on ecommerce sales, it also has the following benefits:

  • It showcases your products in a better way.
  • It increases shoppers’ perception of any product.
  • It increases site engagement.

Marketplaces can be a major driver of sales for online retailers, representing as much as 35% of online business. However, it can be challenging to ensure your product data is up to date and compliant on each marketplace.

GoDataFeed extension is designed to do just this, automatically. Manage all of your marketplace orders in one place: your online store. With this freedom, you can expand your reach to all of the major marketplaces - Amazon.com, Rakuten, eBay, and New Egg - without the hassle of constantly updating orders on multiple sites.

Stop wasting your resources juggling data. With the time saved from dealing with import issues or data entry errors you can focus on filling more orders. The more orders you fill accurately, the more your reputation with the marketplaces improve, opening doors for greater sales and growth.

It’s automatic. No more data entry. No more inventory problems. No more overselling. GoOrderSync updates both your shopping cart platform and the marketplace with order status, shipping/tracking information, and cancellations.

Royal Cyber has its own Product development team

Every Quarter Hybris will be releasing a new version of their product. At this stage, very few organizations have the capabilities to update their resources with the new releases.
As Royal Cyber has a strong eCommerce background and a strong development team. We are ready to provide the support for most of the OOB Hybris functionalities.

Here are some of the functionalities we provide support for:
  • Accelerators B2B & B2C
  • Cockpit Customizations(Commerce Cockpit & NexGen Cockpit)
  • Hybris OMS integration
  • Data Hub Integrations( SAP Integration)
  • PunchOut B2B Accelerator
  • Cluster Module
  • Workflows Customization
  • PIM & User Management

Hybris/SAP Solution Integration

SAP Asynchronous Integration

SAP Synchronous Integration

Implementation process

1. Readiness Assessment

  • Deliver and review documentation, where we will establish solution expectations and requirements
  • Schedule review sessions to resolve questions and address concerns
  • Deliver a solution prerequisite checklist

2. Solution Confirmation

  • Finalize solution definition and architecture design documents

3. Design Validation

  • Complete analysis for existing functional use cases
  • Describe all significant extensions and configurations that require development
  • Create design for the custom extensibilities

4. Configuration and Development

  • Installation and configuration tasks in the pre-production environments

5. System Integration Testing and Validation

  • Validate functionality developed for the hybris OMS Implementation and its integration with external systems

6. User Acceptance Testing

  • Validate operational staff use of the solution

7. Production Deployment

  • Deploy the final versions of application code to the production environment
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Why Royal Cyber?

  • Royal Cyber has over 12+ years of award winning experience implementing eCommerce solutions in both B2B and B2C landscape all across the globe.
  • Royal Cyber and hybris offer everything you need to deliver a seamless shopping experience with full range of ecommerce capabilities including mobile, social, precision marketing, discounts, coupons, cross-selling payment, ERP and CRM integration and more.
  • What differentiates us:
    • 1. Hybris Certified Consultants: We have hired the best talent available in the industry to ensure excellence in project delivery.
    • 2. Predictable implementation: You can rely on Royal Cyber as we have mature processes, ensuring timely delivery of your project.
    • 3. Faster Time to Market: In today’s competitive environment, technologies change rapidly, as do the number of competitors fighting to capture market share. Using hybris accelerator, we can get your site up faster, hence you can start generating income sooner and capture market share and thwart off competitors.
    • 4. Lower cost of deployment: Our strategic offshore centers have enabled us to reduce costs and offer highly competitive rates to our valued clients.

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