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SAP Hybris Commerce helps in delivering a consistent and personalized omnichannel experience to your customers. Royal Cyber’s Hybris Commerce solutions and services kick start your go-to-market strategy in record time and deliver a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

Leveraging the Royal Cyber Expertise for Enterprise-Wide Process Management

Getting the Best Out of Hybris

Every quarter, Hybris releases a new update to their product. These updates or releases play a critical role in the fast changing ecommerce business. Very few organizations have the capability to update their resources with the new release. This is where we make an impact. Royal Cyber has extensive expertise on Hybris’ modular, back-end functionalities for both B2C and B2B eCommerce scenarios.

Our engagement ensures that you get the best out of Hybris by:

Reaching out to more customers

We help in personalizing your business to effectively target prospects and customers. We do this by including different SAP integrations with Hybris.

Optimizing workflows & resources

We ensure that your environment is optimized for any kind of workflows and a rapidly evolving set of touchpoints and resources.

Driving revenue enterprise-wide

We help in reducing sales expenses, inventory and support cost. Hybris’ efficient OMS integration helps rein in different revenue streams.

The Royal Cyber Advantage

Faster & time-to-market

Using Hybris accelerator, we can get your site up faster and more robust than the competition.

Lower cost of deployment

Reducing deployment costs is made possible with our strategic offshore centers.

Quick fire& implementation

Ensuring timely delivery of projects is possible with our flexible implementation techniques.

Hybris certified

Delivering excellence is a way of life for our team of Hybris-certified specialists.

Royal Cyber & You

Royal Cyber has over 10 years of experience implementing ecommerce solutions in both B2B and B2C landscapes across different geographies.

At Royal Cyber, we leverage our unique methodology to:

  • Significantly cut down your time to market
  • Provide a wide range of focused business solutions and IT services
  • Deliver resource deployment at your site to supplement your in-house teams
  • Help you to save costs with competitive pricing and offshoring
  • Offer best-in-class IT services tailored to your business needs through our global presence and highly workforce


Royal Cyber-Hybris Solutions Take Brand Marketing to the Next Level

We understand your concerns, especially as product or service life cycles are getting shorter and customer journeys are becoming unpredictable. With our expertise in eCommerce, mCommerce and omnichannel commerce, we’ll help you to get new products quickly into the hands of customers at the exact moment in time. Royal Cyber is the best-in-class e-business provider across technologies and domains.

Our Hybris Solutions


Integrate your data, business processes and sales channels with web, mobile, call center and order management straight from the box.

Royal Cyber and Hybris offer everything you need to deliver a seamless shopping experience-with a full range of ecommerce capabilities, including mobile, social, precision marketing, discounts, coupons, cross-selling payment, ERP and CRM integration and more.


Our comprehensive Hybris OmniCommerce™ solution gives you a single view of your brand, across physical and online channels.

Our solution includes:

  • Master data management
  • Social connectors & integrations
  • Big Data
  • Cross-selling & up-selling capabilities
  • Multiple Touchpoints
  • Native B2B functionality
  • Multi-site functionality
  • Fastest time-to-value
  • Agile SOA-based architecture
  • Flexible deployment models


Enhance B2B interactions and business growth with our Hybris mobile solution.

Our solution encompasses:

  • Mobile-optimized search & navigation
  • Mobile-optimized product pages, cart pages & checkout processes
  • Support for iOS & Android native apps
  • Barcode / QR & NFC support
  • Location services
  • Text-based services

Our Hybris Value Add-Ons

In addition to integrating extensions available in the marketplace, we have our own value add-ons.

With GoDataFeed, manage all your marketplace orders in one place: your online store.

Showcase your products in a better way and increase site engagement.

Feed verified addresses to the backend system and filling forms a simple task.


Our Hybris Services

B2B & B2C eCommerce

Royal Cyber offers a comprehensive B2B & B2C Commerce package to comply with what your customer needs, regardless of their touchpoints, i.e., mobile phone, desktop, tablets etc.

Order Management

Hybris Order Management lets you to streamline your order processing channel and make them fast and secure.

Customization Services

Royal Cyber offers Hybris standard accelerator and customization services ranging from order flow customization to promotion visibility.

Master Data Management

With Hybris Master Data Management (MDM), you can centrally manage your product information to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to your customers.

On-Demand Services

With Hybris On-Demand Solution, you can now keep your customers happy by providing them quality service at every touch point they use to interact with your brand.