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What is ExactTarget?

ExactTarget is one of the world’s leading client and prospect communications platform. ExactTarget brings enterprise-class emails, SMS, display, and a whole range of other communications possibilities to its clients. Coupled with a robust analytics solution and a solid strategic vision, ExactTarget can be a critical part of business communication with its customers.

Key Features of ExactTarget

  • Integrated framework
  • Cross-channel platform
  • Marketing automation
  • Common view of the consumer
  • Real-time capabilities
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Why ExactTarget?

  • ExactTarget makes campaigns easy, thanks to its seamless platform, the sending of complex campaigns is much simpler.
  • Having an automated platform, it speeds up the delivery process and freeing our time to strategies.
  • It has cool logic so underlying technologies like its AMP script enabling enhanced functionality and incredible targeting opportunities.
  • It reports back into our database so we can closely monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

Our Services

  • Strategic Consulting
  • System Design and Set-up
  • Assessing your Business Process
  • CRM Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Data Cleansing
  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Development/HTML
  • Programming
  • Multi-Channel Automation
  • Multi-Touch Program Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Nurturing the Leads
Royal Cyber Help

Find out how Royal Cyber can help

  • Royal Cyber is one of the consulting partner of ExactTarget equipped with expertise on this powerful email platform to get the most from.
  • As part of ExactTarget's services partner, Royal Cyber can provide the expertise and services to power highly-targeted marketing campaigns to increase your customer engagement.
  • Royal Cyber has successfully completed integrations between ExactTarget and other popular CMS solutions.
  • We take complete control of your campaign from design, to execution and management.

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