Driving the era of AI-rich
conversational interfaces

Transform The Experience With BOTS

Our Bots turn the traditional digital experience of shoppers into conversational,
personalized, and delightful engagement.

Visualize the possibilities:

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    Provide real-time, relevant offers and advice from a ‘personal’ shopper
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    Deliver status updates or alerts on in-store inventory for purchase and pick-up
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    Make purchases easy via a simple, convenient, message-based interaction
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    Offer instant customer service across all channels – text, email, mobile, web, call center, or at a storefront

AI Infused Conversational Agents

Royal Cyber ChatBots (RCBots) enables intelligent conversations between Systems and Consumers.
Our Bots are Always on time, always there to help, always accurate.

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    Increase Business Through Social Messenger
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    Speak The Real Language
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    Simpler Use
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    Cost Saving
How can your Business Benefit?

of savings in Opex Cost


Reduction in Response Time

24 X 7

when your customer needs


Increase in Customer Care

Our AI Platform

Built with industry-specific domain expertise, bots and virtual assistants are well-versed in your business whether that’s finance, commerce, or any other industry.

Agile Development Environment
Comprehensive AI Technology
Industry-Specific Knowledge
Cross Channel, Multi-Model Reach
Flexible Business Model

Emerge Into New Trends

Integration Along With Industry

Our Bots are treated as a channel in an Omnichannel experience and have the power to integrate with below:

What is it Built on?
Watson Conversation Service
Speech to Text / Text to Speech
Natural Language processing
Every Role, Every Industry
Fast and Scalable

Our Engagment Models


Customer Experience Analytics


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