Cast Iron for Integrating Cloud and On-Premise Applications

Enable Business Agility

Royal Cyber brings you IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud to help integrate your cloud and on-premise applications quickly and effortlessly, in near real-time and with reduced costs.

Business challenges

Cloud applications enable businesses overcome challenges in productivity and resource usage with effective optimization that helps in:

  • Achieving significant savings on resources
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving capabilities
  • Enhancing business user productivity
  • Enabling quick and easy access to data, applications and other resources when necessary

However, adopting cloud applications presents obstacles for organizations due to reasons such as:

  • The need to move functionality from the department-level to the whole enterprise
  • Daily access to both cloud and on-premise systems and applications
  • Dependence upon a hybrid system comprising cloud and on-premise applications
  • The need to integrate diverse applications and systems to enable seamless functioning

Royal Cyber & You

Royal Cyber  is an IBM Premier Business Partner with more than 10 years of experience in IBM technologies..

At Royal Cyber, we leverage our unique methodology to:

  • Enable cloud and on-premise application integration within days
  • Significantly cut down the time to market
  • Provide a wide range of focused business solutions and IT services for both governmental and private organizations
  • Deliver resource deployment on site to supplement in-house teams
  • Help clients save costs with competitive pricing and offshore model
  • Offer best-in-class IT services tailored to your business needs through our global presence and highly-skilled workforce

In addition, we offer:

  • Customized administration support
  • Performance improvement
  • Support packages
  • Ongoing training
  • 24/7 support


Cast Iron Cloud Integration with Other Platforms

CICI with MS Dynamic

CICI with MS Dynamic

CICI with SalesForce




Royal Cyber leverages IBM WebSphere Cast Iron’s capabilities to simplify your organization’s cloud adoption with robust integration techniques that withstand all challenges. Our services in cloud integration shall help your organization to:

  • Move from basic integration capabilities to a full-fledged cloud application integration platform
  • Choose a comprehensive solution that delivers complete cloud and on-premise application integration for hybrid environments
  • Achieve real time data transfer
  • Customize Cast Iron’s integration capabilities to augment existing BPM, ETL and ESB solutions with targeted cloud integration capabilities
  • Enable near real time integration through data migration, synchronization and connectivity
  • Manage integration processes across multiple applications
  • Use WebSphere Cast Iron secure connector to leverage WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud services and communicate with on-premises services
  • Harness mash up capabilities from IBM’s cloud integration software
  • Gather information from different sources
  • Display these through the native user interface of a cloud application
  • Easily connect Salesforce with a host of applications
  • Enable real-time sync between Salesforce and other systems
  • Leverage WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products to support mobile applications

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