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Accelerating Innovation with Spark for Faster & Better Decisions

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With the advent of distributed data processing frameworks, big data analysis has become a reality. More and more organizations want to get more value and insights into the data they have. There is a gradual shift, where decision making in organizations is driven by data analytics. This data analysis need not be limited to existing data warehousing systems. Data can be retrieved from a variety of sources, including the existing warehouse and combined to derive new insights.

About Apache Spark

About Apache Spark

Apache® Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory processing to speed analytic applications up to 100 times faster compared to technologies on the market today.

  • Apache spark runs much faster than apache Hadoop map reduce
  • Runs on any file system and the performance is good even on small datasets
  • Very good performance on iterative data analysis
  • Spark map reduce will replace Hadoop map reduce for data processing
  • Apache spark has libraries to stream data processing, machine learning, SQL query processing, and graph data processing
  • Companies want to make a transition to apache spark for its out of the box functionality

Framework for big data processing

  • The most distinguished framework for big data processing is apache Hadoop.
  • Vendors like cloudera, mapR, Hortonworks, IBM have this framework with some additions.
  • Apache Hadoop is extremely smart in processing distributed data using map reduce
    on the hdfs file system.
  • It has limitations when it needs to perform iterative computation over the data.
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How Royal Cyber can help you make the transition

How Royal Cyber can help you make the transition

  • Royal Cyber pioneer in enterprise solutions, in core doing consulting giving fair advantage to clients.
  • Experts in setting up clusters and enabling it to run with an existing Hadoop environment.
  • Assistance in setting up a data processing environment, in writing data processing routines to extract data from different sources, run analytics using spark libraries.
  • Specialists in creating a light weight application for visualizing the results.

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