Managed Services

Benefit from robust operations that drive enterprise-wide efficiency, enhance visibility and maximize performance

Integration, Training and Disaster Recovery

All companies, be it small, medium or large, need technology to compete effectively and operate efficiently. But as dependency on IT grows, the means to support a complex IT environment becomes compulsory. If you fail to keep up with the things, you will face an IT outage which will negatively impact the business. To help take care of your IT requirements, Royal Cyber’s managed services focus on critical areas such as cloud deployments, security, data center solutions and infrastructure monitoring.

Infrastructure Automation

Save time on routine tasks and reduce human error in IT configuration, patch management and performance tracking

Log Monitoring

Proactively identify and address slow network systems to eliminate outages

Source Control

Record and track changes to source codes to improve efficiencies and collaboration

Cloud Deployment

Enable scalable, highly available and secure IT infrastructure on cloud to accelerate time-to-market

Our Offerings

We meet your IT management needs by remotely managing your IT infrastructure and end-user systems. Our managed services offerings are designed to mitigate risks from hacking, malware and data loss, helping you to protect your information and keep it secure. Moreover, Royal Cyber can help you keep labor costs down and improve efficiency with added benefits such as:

cloud-icon12On-Demand IT Expertise
Offload your IT management functions to free up time and resources to focus on innovation and your core business. We provide a team of skilled and dedicated IT experts who are available 24/7 to help you address IT issues before they cause disruptions.

cloud-icon15Data Security
We support you with efficient disaster recovery procedures to restore operational processes when there is an IT incident. We also provide remote daily network monitoring and incident reporting identify significant problems as soon as they occur.

cloud-icon12Custom Solutions
As your business evolves, your IT infrastructure needs to be updated as well. We offer tailored services so that you can implement changes, add or remove software and optimally manage the type of technology and support you need based on your requirements.

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