Mobile Commerce

Redefine mobile user experience with anytime, anywhere availability

Seamless Mobile Shopping

Mobile commerce has transformed the dynamics between buyers and sellers. Today’s connected customers use mobile devices to easily shop whenever and wherever they choose to. To extend your brand, Royal Cyber offers a choice of advanced mobile commerce solutions to help your company quickly adopt mobile as a sales channel with personalized marketing options.  Mobile commerce is transforming the business landscape by providing users a great shopping experience.

Mobile app strategies

Developing a sound mobile app strategy and accelerating the time-to-market ensure success in this age of m-commerce

Optimized content

Deliver personalized shopping experiences to customers with optimized content

Omnichannel commerce

Strengthen your brand with seamless shopping experience across all channels

Our Offerings

As digital content becomes more fascinating, consumers are increasingly dependent on mobile devices for access to services. Royal Cyber is a step ahead in providing a promise of personalization for your mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is ringing up sales and is fueling billions of dollars in transactions. Our mobile services help you to create innovative customer experiences:


Personalized Marketing
Your mobile commerce customers can browse your online catalog, discover and compare products, benefit from personalized promotions, complete transactions, find store locations, and gain an accurate view of orders and product availability.


Engaging Brand Experiences
We help you deliver a better experience for your customers with intuitive business user tools for faster, easier site management and mobile fulfillment. This helps you accelerate time to market and drive revenue growth.


We help you enable integration with other sales solutions to provide online merchandisers with business and customer insight, enabling cross-channel order orchestration and providing flexibility in fulfillment.


Multiple Sales Channels
With our Mobile Commerce Solution, you can sell your products and services across all mobile platforms. Mobile Commerce provides you with multiple sales channels and customer touch points enabling you to do dynamic marketing.


Location Based Services
Now you can reward your customer for checking-in to your physical store via their phone and sharing this with their family and friends. You can do more with location based features, for instance, creating a dynamic marketing campaigns, offering discounts and geo-tagging.


Customer dashboards
Enable Customers view product availability, order history and track their order status information online on your website or app. Mobile Commerce enables you to seamlessly provide your customers with unique mobile shopping experience.


Powerful Customer Interactions
Engage your customers by providing them with wide array of features from co-browsing, product comparisons, receive personalized marketing promotions and social features to keeping them updated with your blogs and feeds – all on their phone.


Great Insights about your Customers
Mobile Commerce empowers you to create and build great customer relationships using powerful management features. These features allow you to plan, create, execute and analyze your campaigns and analyze customer interactions.

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