Make Smart Move towards Smarter Enterprise Portal

Gartner research estimates that more people are now using Internet from Smart Devices than Desktop computers. With this change, organizations today using WebSphere Portal, Mashups and WebSphere Application Server are gearing up for Mobile Portal Accelerator to deliver an exceptional Mobile Web Experience virtually in all handheld devices.

Installation and Migration

Mobile Portal Accelerator is installed on the conditions that the system fulfills the requirements that your business supports and needs which include the operating system, database system, application server and including the WebSphere Portal product.

Designing your Mobile Portal

Mobile Portal Accelerator gives you the advantage to change your portal’s design and its appearance according to your Website’s needs by playing with the text, colors, and designs and keeping all features in consideration for maintaining convenience for the users.

Personalized Content, Services and Applications

IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator provides you assistance for modifying the details for mobile devices and providing users full ease to make a way in to personalized portals. This product facilitates to broaden out the leeway of content and applications to be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Mobile Accelerator Device Update

The IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator Device Update offers a service which provides an updated service for the device without changing the styles and designs on existing applications. This is a subscription which is offered to the customers who have bought the Mobile Portal Accelerator Device Update feature.

Developing Mobile Portlets

With Mobile Portal Accelerator you can develop the core content for you Mobile Portal only once choosing your individual themes or choose from the pre-made themes and styles only once and can re-use them without the hassle of extra labor.

Configuration, Administration and Support

Mobile Portal Accelerator gives you full administration with a strong GUI along with support on how to configure and use the product to avoid any mishandling and errors while using this product which in the end helps you to improve your experience and content.