Royal Cyber offers WebSphere Ecommerce and Message Broker Integration and related solutions. Our IBM certified experts have over 5 years experience in Integrating WebSphere Ecommerce with external systems using WebSphere Message Broker and ESB. Middleware experts have performed countless integration of disparate systems with Ecommerce and Message Broker. Here are the salient features from some of our projects that sheds light on our accomplishments:

  • Seamless data load Integration from Message Broker (Automated and Manual)
  • Integration with Third Party Services for Tax, Pre authorization, Order etc.
  • Integration with legacy systems and databases
  • Message Broker applications transform protocol and apply business logic
  • Secure transactions using SSL
  • Configure Message Broker as a Web service provider, which will be consumed by WebSphere Commerce to request for inventory information
  • Monitor the infrastructure with Scripts and Monitoring tools
  • Console for administrators to view alerts, errors and receive emails on failed transactions. Interactive bar charts and pie charts to view graphical info
  • Generate automated reports for management based on statistics of past transactions

Royal Cyber offers its clients solutions based on Ecommerce Integration with Broker which are listed below:

Royal Cyber’s Data Load solution enables the business users to run the files whenever they want. The solution enables and empowers the business users to load the files into Ecommerce via Message Broker on demand. Besides the on-demand load facility, the solution also loads the csv files in Ecommerce based on a daily schedule. Royal Cyber’s pre built data load solution would bring the following benefits:

  • 2-3 weeks of time to deploy data loads and load files to Ecommerce DEV, QA, STG and PROD
  • Scheduled and On demand loads built in
  • 1-2 weeks of development effort requirement if a need to transform data arises
  • Architectural design and FTP server, Broker Server And Commerce Server setup and configuration
  • Saves management thousands of billable hours in development and design phase

Royal Cyber’s own monitoring solution that monitors each transaction via broker. Webservices call from broker, data loads, orders, inventory calls are all monitored and reported on console for administrators to view and take corrective actions. The GUI shows the administrators a consolidated view with all errors and details are being reported using tables, pie charts, bar charts, emails and alerts. Reports can generated and downloaded in Excel. This brings security and stability in the middleware infrastructure and carries additional benefits such as:

  • Monitoring environment 24/7 to avoid down time
  • Error status and detail with detail log reports
  • Log from Commerce and broker included in console to pin point the issue
  • Reports on transactions generated and downloaded for management
  • Emails and alerts to highlight issues
  • Interactive graphs and charts to represent the data
  • Message board for administrators interact on issues

Monitoring Console

The middleware team pre built webservices framework allows Ecommerce integration with other systems within the organization and also with third party services. For customers to places orders, several services need to be utilized for checking customer credit cards, calculating taxes, placing orders in systems which are all managed via message broker. Royal Cyber pre built service framework allow for quick and effective development and deployment saving the management months of billable hours and cost.

WebService Framework