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Enterprise Modernization is a set of tools that help enterprises to transform their legacy applications and green screens to a modern web 2.0 platform.

If you are among many organizations struggling for innovation and need to deliver more services with a reduced or flat IT budget then Enterprise Modernization is for you. It will help you to trim your cost of maintenance of previous applications and focus on delivering more by freeing up your resources and create new capabilities for achieving competence.

Featured Services

HATS Services

HATS help you transform 3270 and 5250 green screen applications into modern web-based portlet, rich client or mobile interface using IBM HATS without changing existing source codes.

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Rational Host Integrated Solutions

Rational Host Integrated Solutions allows you to start and grow your business fast by leveraging your host data with new solutions to help maximize your total return on investment.

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Rational Host on Demand

Rational Host On-Demand provides cost-effective, secure, browser-based, and non-browser-based host access in intranet and Internet environments.

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EGL Services

Modernize your legacy systems into Rich UI applications with our EGL services that empower you with niche features that maintain business logic in the customer specific code.

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Royal Cyber endeavoring to build the traction

Why Royal Cyber for Enterprise Modernization?

  • Royal Cyber is the premier IBM’s business partner and works very closely with IBM to get the right products for the right customers
  • Project based offshore outsourcing allows cost cutting and 24x7 support
  • Vast experience of planning & designing Rational HATS environment
  • Onsite and Offsite HATS training facility by IBM Certified experts and consultants
  • Expertise of handling quick transform of green screen application to smart mobile Apps
  • HATS migration experts with decade of experience, can improve your system efficiency, reduce costs & secure information assets.
  • More than 100 success stories

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  • Better understanding of your existing business model and analysis of your requirements, to design smartest rational technology solution. This may let you modernize your existing green screen application, with a goal to make them robust, reliable, scalable & capable of meeting the current market needs.
  • A Demo based on the newest version of IBM HATS v8.5
  • An overview of examples of IBM HATS, EGL & HoD based Integrated solution case studies
  • An example of a High-Level Implementation or migration plan