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Where you can find software automation and technology transfer solutions that can assist with your Rational EM product rollout, improve you application systems delivery, accelerate user adoption and increase your return-on-investment.

Jump Start Packages

Enterprise Modernization (System z)

Get the best ROI using our EM Support package!

Through this package, you can seek support on all the Rational for System z products including RDz, RAA, RD&T, and RTC. Our team of experts will help you with planning, rollout, implementation, training, and mentoring through our Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. These packages are an ideal way to solve implementation and rollout issues, and improve product adoption among users.

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Rational Development & Test Environment for System z

Save your MIPS, Save your $

RD&T creates a personal z/OS development and unit test environment on each developer’s desktop. Royal Cyber will ensure your success with RD&T by providing services around Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Training, and Mentoring through our four-week jump start package.

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IBM Rational Developer for System z

Ensure RDz success in your shop using our Jump Start package!

Through our RDz jumpstart package, we’ll install, configure, fine tune, and test RDz in your shop. We’ll also help create a silent installation process for installing RDz clients. We’ll then provide shop-specific, customized training to your users on RDz usage and provide expert mentoring to increase RDz adoption among users.

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Rational Developer for System z – plugins, tools and components

Property Group Composer

A plug-in that automates the creation and management of your Property Group SYSLIB function – critical to your RDz rollout success.

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Reusable Code Snippets

A collection of COBOL, SQL, JCL, MVS Utility and Assembler code fragments with parameterized variables for quality reuse.

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Custom Statement

A collection of COBOL, SQL, JCL, MVS Utility and Assembler RDz statement templates – Content Assist enabled.

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Common COBOL & JCL Regex Templates

A set of simple to sophisticated Regular Expressions, which can be used to simplify and accelerate application analysis.

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Custom COBOL Code Review Rules

Plug-ins that extend RDz’s Eclipse and JCL/Batch code review and standards checking functionality for run-time performance and maintain-ability.

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RDz Custom Workspaces

A set of our most popular RDz/Eclipse Workspace designs – from contemporary/Goth to Green-screen/Dino Both look & feel and functional settings.

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Migration and Transformation Solutions

Micro Focus to IBM COBOL Conversion Facility

The Micro Focus COBOL Conversion tool allows customers to convert Micro Focus COBOL source and copybooks to IBM compatible versions.

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HATS Fusion

IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) transforms traditional text-based interfaces—such as 3270 and 5250 green-screen.

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Mainframe to Mobile Solutions

IBM Worklight helps you extend your business to mobile devices. It provides an open, flexible and comprehensive platform, upon which to build, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps.

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Rational Developer for System z- Learning tools and services.

RDz Eclipse-based Custom
Help Portal

This local Eclipse project provides fast, deep and Search-able, high-quality “How to” help on most aspects of RDz day-to-day use.

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Rational Developer for System z Learning Video Series

Check out our learning videos on RDz on RDz and RAA. Useful for post-training education and ongoing support.

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RDz and RAA Custom

We offer deep technical services on both RDz and RAA. Our delivery has garnered world-wide acclaim from the over 40 companies we have worked with.

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RDz Hotline” Real-time person-to-person Mentoring Assistance

We are setting up a 24-hour/RDz Call Center, where you will be able to screen-share and discuss your technical issues with a knowledgeable RDz product tech.

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RDz/zOS Integration Tools and Examples

Using Menu Manager and HATS / RCP we have skeleton projects and deep expertise in this domain – critical to successful RDz Rollouts.

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RDz Distance Learning Wrapper program

Since IBM awarded Royal Cyber the delivery of their monthly Distance Learning program, we have been offering short/custom training modules – that fill in the learning gaps.

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Free stuff

The Royal Cyber Rational EM Newsletters – with articles on RDz, RAA, RTC EE, HATS and RD&T

Obtain back issues of this one-of-a-kind technical journal, and sign-up for upcoming free issues.

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Rational Developer for System z – Technical Developer Assessment / Appraisal Exam

A set of 100 questions on Rational Developer for System z - aimed evaluating the level user expertise.

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