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Royal Cyber will help you Speed time to market by reducing cycle time with Fast Track DevOps Solutions for continuous delivery

DevOps is neither a tool nor a product. It is an operational method that changes how organizations consider about developing and deploying applications. The ultimate goal is to create superior customer experience.

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Practice Areas of DevOps

Continuous Business Planning

In this practice area we continuously plan, measure and bring customer feedback to development lifecycle. This helps enterprises to meet their business objectives and deliver effectively. Gives investment opportunities with aligned with organizational strategies.

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Collaborative Development

Collaborative Development is a combination of business, software developers and QA teams. These teams can tune project and business goals based on customer feedback and work closely throughout project lifecycle to achieve their tasks.

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Continuous Testing

It is one of the most crucial part of development and delivery. Agile teams are using DevOps practices to integrate testing with software development lifecycle. This practice area provide project teams with continuous feedback and allow them to test earlier replacing old methods and issues for e.g. Unavailable testing environment. Continuous testing covers all areas of test automation and make sure that customers can achieve their challenges.

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Continuous Release and Deployment

This practice area helps organization to solve issues for application delivery and reduce time to feedback. It will also decrease cost and waste by executing errors and allow to rework with swift time to market using automated deployment process. Continuous deployment should be a goal for every company who want to achieve big targets during whole process. It can be used for complex mobile. Cloud, web based and traditional applications.

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Application monitoring and feedback

Monitoring is a key factor in transforming business. This will automate the capability to monitor infrastructure and performance of applications. Customer feedback help organizations to give visibility to the end user and manage complex applications while reducing time and cost. This practice area also help other areas of DevOps with better application visibility.

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DevOps Services

Enterprises today need smarter and more agile development solutions to succeed. Royal Cyber Inc. has quality DevOps services to speed multiplatform development, test and deployment. This will help your business grow and scale to the modern demands of your customers along with providing ease of use to your core development teams.

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DevOps Training

We are professionals seeking to leverage our expertise and experience to share our vast body of practical knowledge and invaluable experience. We seek to share and collaborate on specific knowledge to a common vision for DevOps to focus on people, process and technology. By attending DevOps training program you can help your business model and modern demands of your customers efficiently.

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Why Royal Cyber for DevOps?

  • IBM Premier Business Partner and has hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world

  • Industry Leader in Software development and consultancy

  • Customized solutions according to clients requirement

  • Extensive experience in Rational solutions and other domains of IBM and Microsoft

  • Offsite and Onsite Implementation and migration services

  • Certified training programs and performance improvements solutions to make your business more successful

  • Round the clock or customized dedicated Support options

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