Business Intelligence - Transforming operations to match the growing market requirement

Knowing more about the business and knowing it faster than others is the best way to power innovation and gain an edge on your competition. As it is commonly said, Business Intelligence is just about having the right data at the right time to make the right call.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence refers to application and technology, which is used to:

  • Gather, understand and analyze data
  • Prepare trends to help predict future goals and achieve them
  • Prepare dashboards for top level management

Royal Cyber’s Business Intelligence (BI) brings data driven, analytical insights to smartphones and tablets also without compromising on data integrity or security. Business users don't need to lose momentum in their work day even if they step out of their office or go on a business trip. With instantaneous and continuous access to critical business intelligence, it's like they never left their workplace.

Right Decision at Right Time


How Technology (BI) can help?

Royal Cyber BI Implementation Objectives

  • Increase business process automation
  • Improve corporate reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Improve worker’s productivity and accuracy
  • Maintain Data Integrity and Consistency
  • Get Access to all your data
  • Enhance Capabilities to convert data into actionable information

Meet Current Market Challenges with Business Insight

Comprehensive, innovative and market-leading BI solutions

Knowing more about your business—and knowing it faster than others—is the best way to power innovation and gain an edge on your competition. Industry’s most complete and integrated range of enterprise-class business intelligence solutions, we help you lead the way to gain more insight across the data, and get better outcomes in every facet of business.

Our offerings include consulting and development services to help clients define their strategy and solution architecture. We offer to manage business analytics and reporting applications to deliver tangible business benefits.

Some of the IBM featured BI tools.

Microsoft tools.

Manage Business Intelligence with enhanced tools and technology

Our BI Solution offerings allow organizations from setting up BI infrastructure, running current BI environments optimally and as well as in handling the challenges along the life cycle including maturity of the BI Infrastructure like upgrades and consolidation. Our capability to grow and partner with customers to tackle the growing, business requirements through relevant new services has been a success element in long term.