Transforming business processes with quality and competency

As the bar continues to rise, and companies across industries and all along the globe, we are looking to create business value for you in new techniques. Royal Cyber has extensive experience across Enterprise Solutions spanning across ecommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence and Performance Optimization.

Enterprise Solutions


Today, with the world moving rapidly towards smart phones and tablets, it is important to revive our business and organizational structure to make room for mobile devices. Our mobile development services will help you in introducing mobile devices in your existing business or organization. Royal Cyber renders custom solutions as well as ready-to-deploy enterprise mobility solutions in the current information technology space.


DevOps is neither a tool nor a product. It is an operational method that changes how organizations consider about developing and deploying applications. The ultimate goal is to create superior customer experience. As rapid delivery of software has become a premeditated business asset, IT organizations are pursuing a DevOps, where development and operations teams, systems, and tools work in lockstep.

Managed Services

If you are looking for a managed service provider for your IT infrastructure and mission critical applications, Royal Cyber is an undisputed leader in the managed services space. We ensure high availability, seamless performance and reliable security for your mission critical applications and we have helped customers across various industries. Royal Cyber provides best in class infrastructure, tools and skilled workforces and to address your pain areas.


Cloud computing offers a value proposition that is different than traditional enterprise IT environments. A private cloud also provides a centralized, automated, and integrated set of tools to support the consistent management of both physical and virtual environments within the cloud which allows organizations to deploy or modify IT services quickly in response to changing business needs.

Business Intelligence

Knowing more about the business and knowing it faster than others is the best way to power innovation and gain an edge on your competition. As it is commonly said, Business Intelligence is just about having the right data at the right time to make the right call. Our BI practice brings data driven, analytical insights to smartphones and tablets also without compromising on data integrity or security.

IT Architecture Design

Have you ever wondered why does your Organization require an IT Architecture? At times the questions are complex and the answers are simple. In the present IT world, architecture plays an important role in the phase of business modernization, IT revolution and software development. IT architecture is deployed to implement an effective, flexible, and virtuous technology solution for a business problem.

Performance Optimization

Optimize your software, applications and system with our performance optimization services. Deliver analysis and performance optimization services to optimize a wide variety of complex applications and software system. Our scrutiny in performance optimization services allows you to solve issues across various technologies, applications, databases, and software systems. Royal Cyber helps you to identify enterprise wide slow performances, tailbacks, configurations, risks, database and end users problems.

Enterprise Modernization

Enterprise Modernization a set of tools that help enterprises to transform their legacy applications and green screens to a modern web 2.0 platform. If you are among many organizations struggling for innovation and need to deliver more services with a reduced or flat IT budget then Enterprise Modernization is for you.

EM App Store

A software automation and technology transfer solutions that can assist with your Rational EM product rollout, improve you application systems delivery, accelerate user adoption and increase your return-on-investment. Jump Start Packages, Rational Developer for System z – plugins, tools & components, Migration and Transformation Solutions, Rational Developer for System z- Learning tools & services and more free stuff available.