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Deployment Workflow

By deploying multi-tier applications consistently from one common framework, you can cut down on cost and errors in configuration and execution. Continuous deployment is a goal for all companies that has to reach sophisticated targets. Along with automated deployment process, it allows for dynamic reworking and reducing the time-to-market. Continuous deployment can be employed for complex mobile, cloud, and traditional applications. Royal Cyber’s solutions allow you to take the deployment load from your operations teams and convert it to a significant competitive advantage.


Facilitate continuous delivery in agile development with audit trails, approvals and versioning support


Plan, execute and track releases at every stage of delivery cycle

Our Offerings

Using IBM Bluemix and Amazon Web Services to drive business transformation, we assist small, medium and large enterprises to embrace cloud with customized solutions and flexible deployment models, focusing on their need to meet business challenges quickly and with less cost. We help you leverage these technologies with our specialized services:


Faster Time-to-Market
We help you deploy fast and easily with a single-click. Take a snapshot of your application and deploy to an environment as a single item with just one click. It’s fast and easy.


Reliable and Repeatable
Click and repeat all the way to production! Use the same deployment process for both test and production environments.


Flexible and Secure
With Royal Cyber’s far reaching and exclusive library of plug-ins and extensions, you just can do just about anything. We also understand that whatever you do has to be secure. With role-based security and a comprehensive trail of audit we will back you up.


Fewer Outages
Royal Cyber addresses and evaluates threats to IT operations, including applications and data, to avoid any downtime for mission-critical applications.

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