Ecommerce Services

Driving Efficiency and Customer Engagement

Royal Cyber’s Ecommerce Services

Omni-Channel Operations

Optimize inventory and meet consumer expectations

Personalized shopping experiences

Personalize the shopping experience across all touch points and shopping channels.

Multi-site and multi-brand support

Common infrastructure, retailers can quickly roll out multiple sites and brands

Shipping & Management Services

Sterling Order Management Solutions

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Our Specialized eCommerce Add-ons

Chatbot Integration
Native Mobile App
3rd Party Apps Integration
YouTube Widget
Go Datafeed
Address Verification
Loyalty & Rewards
Payment Gateway Integration
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Cognitive Commerce

Struggle Detection – Know where customers encounter problems with their online experiences?
Intelligent Sequencing – Organize how products are presented to customers
Order Management – Identify the most efficient AND profitable way to fulfill every order
Cognitive Tagging – Boost sales for a new product with inspirational content