Keep Eye on Business Analytics while on the Move

Cognos Mobile enables businesses to anticipate and shape outcomes by gaining insights to accurate and real time statistics where ever they are. Royal Cyber assist companies using Business intelligence to migrate to smart devices by optimizing their infrastructure through integrating, securing and speeding the flow of information.

Decision Making Made Easy

Cognos Mobile makes it promising to interrelate with trusted BI content on their tablets for the users and puts up with their needs by providing them with an easy access to information whenever and wherever they are. With Cognos Mobile you get an up-to-date planned report supply which helps you to go easy with your work and makes decision making quite simple for you!

Great new Features

Cognos Mobile ensures the security of the information from any kind of trashing or theft along with the features of allowing reusing the content written once in order to eradicate unnecessary hard work. Cognos Mobile also supports the prominent mobile devices and operating systems and easily adjusts into your organization’s policy.

Supported Platforms

Cognos Mobile supports the Apple iPhone and iPad, Nokia Symbian phones, Blackberry phones and Blackberry Playbooks, Google Android phones and Windows Mobile phones.

Enjoy the look and feel

Cognos Mobile provides you with an easy and simple interface and along with it you get a vast variety of designs to choose from which includes many options of text boxes, lists, multi-select range, predesigned page layouts, search and select option and much more to help you make your work simple, attractive and user-friendly.

Secure Environment

Cognos Mobile makes sure that your information does not get into the wrong hands and builds a secure system to protect your information from any kind of loss and misuse. These services are applied whether the device is offline or online.

Interact Online and Offline

Cognos Mobile understands the need for steadiness therefore it provides offline mode alike online. Cognos Mobile gives you the alternative to look at information without the need to remain online. One can view all reports and dashboards offline.