Cognos Express

IBM Cognos® Express is the most unified and sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) and planning tool built keeping in mind the necessities of small workgroups and intermediate level organizations. It is all in one application that enables organizations to efficiently generate task reports, dashboard data, analysis, scorecard tracking, budgeting, forecasting, responsive planning and other related activities.

IBM Cognos Express takes the liberty to claim itself a user-friendly program which is easy to install and operate. It support managers and high level business executives in making informed and smart decisions through providing them insights about the business dynamics, click apart dashboard report, analysis and performance monitor makes them answer three difficult questions at every point of time:

It continuously provides assistance in improving efficiencies, reducing costs and identifying new growth avenues.

IBM Cognos Express modifies your conventional approach towards planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting and provides you an opportunity to focus on new horizons and embark on expansion through optimizing your requirements and smart business intelligence. This program is specifically tailored for the organizations who need to combat huge number of competitors