Automated, Reliable & Predictable Disaster Recovery with AWS DRS

How Royal Cyber Prepares Enterprises Against the Worst Outcome

With cloud-based disaster recovery systems, companies can plan, manage, and recover from disasters that disrupt business operations, such as ransomware attacks, human errors, and hardware/software failures, among other incidents. Royal Cyber’s AWS experts can leverage Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) to launch resources to the cloud and minimize downtime and data loss with:

Automated & Orchestrated DR Drills
Industry Standards
Flexible Locations
All On Single Cloud
Migration & Replication Directly onto AWS
Enterprises Against the Worst Outcome

Challenges with Disaster Recovery Systems

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On-Prem Database Maintenance
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High Costs for Idle Resources
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Increased Downtime and Slower Recovery

Advantages of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Easy-to-Run Drills

Get all the preparation you need when dealing with potential IT disruptions.

Pay For Provisioned Servers:

Whether during recovery or drills, avoid paying for idle resources and get billed exclusively for fully provisioned servers.

Continuous Replication:

AWS DRS constantly replicates source servers to your AWS account to ensure you can choose the most up-to-date server state during recovery.

Applications recovery

Simplify recovery across multiple applications data on AWS from physical infrastructure, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and other cloud infrastructure that running on supported Windows and Linux operating system versions.

What Royal Cyber Can Offer

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Consultation Services to Plan Enterprise Disaster Recovery Strategy

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Technical Support Maintaining AWS DRS

Managed Support Services

Cost-effective and Zero Business Disruption with Managed Services

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