Right Cloud Adoption with Seamless Transition

Application Migration to the Cloud

Fast growing businesses expect applications to be modified on demand. As more organizations strive to reduce their data center footprints, they need to migrate applications to cloud and require software as a service (SaaS) to shorten their IT workflow.

Cloud migration and application modernization strategies have become critical and complex. In order to determine the right strategy, a collaborative effort across multiple teams are required. Royal Cyber has a team of experts who can provide all the services at single platform.

What Makes Us Different In Application Migration?

Industry experts for designing migration strategies
Ensure data security during seamless application migration
Complete process tracking
On-shelf disaster recovery & high availability solutions
Strong SLAs & guaranteed hassle-free journey to the cloud
Leverage of 24/7 experienced managed services

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Points to Consider While Migrating

Analysis of On-Premise Application Workflow

Assess & Apply Security Requirements

Prioritization of Critical Dependencies & Risks

Choose Workload-Oriented Resources, Wisely

Map Target Platform

Consider Cost Differences

Prepare in Advance for Cloud Migration with AWS!

6’Rs Core of Our Strategic Migration Plan

Our Strategic Migration Plan

Rehost – We understand your business patterns and existing application complexities, decide the flow of migration and establish a micro-services based environment.

Replatforming – For legacy applications of your organization which can’t be migrated simply to cloud platform, the expert team of Royal Cyber integrate custom APIs with migration solutions to migrate them without any changes to core application architecture.

Repurchasing – It encompasses changing the licensing model which is currently being used with on premise solutions and cascade towards SaaS solution.

Refactoring – To boost the agility, business continuity, and overall productivity of the business we redesign the applications to add advanced features and scalability and help you take advantage of the latest cloud and serverless technologies.

Retire – To help you make the solution cost-effective, we identify each migrated application and its elements which are running and gradually terminate the services which are not in use.

Retain – The applications/services which are required by your organization but are not suitable to be migrated to cloud, will be retained in their current state after a detailed assessment by our team.

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