Holistic Cloud Migration through Amazon Web Services

Application Migration
to the Cloud

Fast growing businesses expect applications to be modified on demand. As more organizations strive to reduce their data center footprints, they need to migrate applications to cloud and require software as a service (SaaS) to shorten their IT workflow. Migrating existing applications to the cloud can provide significant relief from growing pressures.

Points to Consider while Migrating

Analyze & apply Security requirement

Map Target Platform

Understand the Risks and Options

Choose the workload wisely


Elastic Scaling depending upon traffic
Continuous Availability
Simplified Development

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6 Strategic Considerations for Successful
Migration of Applications to Cloud

Rehost – Understanding your business patterns and then moving your existing physical and virtual servers as is into a compatible IaaS solution.
Replatforming – Often when organizations have legacy applications that can’t be simply migrated up to IaaS cloud platforms, it has to be assessed by our team to run those applications on modern cloud based IaaS servers using the emulators.
Repurchasing – It encompasses changing the licensing model that is at present used for existing solutions. You have to pay for the resources when the powered on.
Refactoring – Refactoring a solution involves redesigning the solution with our expert team who can help you take advantage of the latest PaaS and SaaS based technologies.
Retire – In this option, we will assist in removing the service. Often times it has been observed that some of the services, applications are stopped but the server is still running in the data-centers.
Retain – There are several services/applications which are required by the organization but those cannot be migrated to the cloud. So, after assessing we will retain that service/application in its current position.

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