Accelerate the Performance of Deep Learning Frameworks with AWS

Amazon Machine Learning

In Royal Cyber we harness the power of Machine learning to automatically find patterns in your data and use them to make predictions for new data points as and when they become available. Our dedicated team develops a predictive application by using algorithms, testing those algorithms, suited to be deployed in any scenario and with minimal work load and efforts.

Machine Learning AWS

Royal Cyber’s Expertise in

Implementing Machine Learning Infrastructure

Certified Machine Learning experts designing complex algorithms using AWS SageMaker
Provisioning highly redundant data models, having access to petabyte sized databases
Custom designed ‘one-click’ models, which can be deployed anywhere, anytime for any business use case of choice
Implement ‘reinforcement learning’ for specific desired use case
Solve the Toughest Challenges with Machine Learning Now!

Business Benefits

Lower cost of implementation upon customizing the current algorithms
Up to 80% reduction in batch data predictions, with one-click model.
Continuous Customer interactions with efficient predictions of Next Gen product Stats
High redundancy ensures business continuity with valuable business growth
Pre-tested and validated algorithms assists in deploying infrastructure on go; anywhere
Solve the Toughest Challenges with Machine Learning Now!

Types of Tasks Performed

Amazon Machine Learning

A binary classification model will be able to predict one of the two possible results
A regression model results in an exact value. Regression models can predict the best-selling price for a product or the number of units that will sell.
A multi-class classification model can predict several conditions.

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