Solve Data Challenges with AWS Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning

In Royal Cyber we harness the power of Machine learning to automatically find patterns in your data and use them to make predictions for new data points as and when they become available. Either you are running online shopping store and want to see product trends or a scientist who has a huge volume of scientific data that needs an accurate prediction, our expertise shall design learning model to best suit your business requirements.

Our dedicated team develops a predictive application by using algorithms, mathematical models based on the user’s data.

Tasks Performed by Amazon Machine Learning

A binary classification model can forecast one of the two possible outcomes
A multi-class classification model can predict multiple conditions.
A regression model provides an exact value. Regression models can forecast the best-selling price and the number of units that would be sold.

Business Advantages of Machine Learning

It is useful where large scale of data is available and you want trend analysis for future.
Understands non linearity in data and generates function mapping input to output
Solving classification and regression problems related to your scientific
Perform better profiling of customers and suggest products based on their buying trends.

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