Scale Your Applications in Minutes with Amazon ECS

Amazon Container Services

Highly Scalable, High Performance, Container Management Service

Royal Cyber dedicated services for Amazon ECS eradicates the need for you to install, operate, and scale your business infrastructure. We take advantage of Amazon EC2 Container Service that is highly scalable and high performance container management service supporting Docker containers. It will lets you easily run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon ECS instances. It supports all the features of current Amazon computing offerings alongside keep you free of worry for patching, updates and other admin related tasks and hence your team can continue their focus in expanding business.

Amazon ECS Architechture

Amazon ECS Architechture

Advantages of ECS

Easily Manage Clusters for Any Scale



Provisioning CloudFormation Templates

Designed for Use with Other AWS Services

Flexible Container Placement

Performance at Scale

The major components in Amazon ECS

Task Definition
Tasks & Scheduler
Container Agent
Image Repository

Royal Cyber helps you fit the bill because:

Using ECS, you just launch Docker containers.
ECS is aware of multiple availability zones & as long as EC2 instances are set up in multiple availability zones, ECS will try to distribute containers to maintain high availability
You can do rolling deploys. Neato, deployments with zero downtime!
All AWS services have API clients for all
ECS works with vanilla EC2 instances. This is a nice plus, as we need not earn a new PaaS and we are just installing the ECS agent on any plain old EC2 instance running Amazon Linux and have it join an ECS cluster.
The application can make use of some of the AWS features like Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic IP addresses, and resource tags. The containers are a new base-level building block similar to EC2 and S3.

Royal Cyber with Amazon supports developers through a web service in the cloud that lets them scale their computing ability quickly, which they would not be able to do with their own hardware at similar speed or at the same cost.

Instant access for a Free Trial. There is no software to install or download!!

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