Take advantage of a unified development environment that leverages all that RDz + Eclipse has to offer. With Royal Cyber’s custom RDz Workspaces you can provide a clean and robust working environment for your RDz users – that takes advantage of little known options in RDz and Eclipse to simplify use, and improve your productivity.

Configuration includes:

  • Custom Layout
    • Views placed where they make sense for your teams

    • Editing profiles selected based on needs of the teams
    • Pertinent company information and training hosting provided in the RDz tech portal and placed within the workspace
    • Documentation around customizations made to ensure maintainability
  • Best Practices training for RDz administrators
    • Guidance with Versioning
    • Hosting and documentation assistance

With each purchase of the Royal Cyber custom workspaces you will receive a Readme.doc file that provides instructions on how to utilize them in your use of RDz work.