Don’t Venture a Guess at Your API Governance Status

In this hyper-connected digital world, APIs play a crucial role in connecting applications, data, devices, and apps. Therefore, organizations must deploy and govern these APIs in more than one cloud. It is essential to understand the importance of deploying APIs and proliferate them in a multi-cloud model where organizations are consuming APIs from external and internal sources and different cloud environments, making them available to the end customer.

Software AG and Royal Cyber will share how to address the challenge of governing the proliferation of APIs in a multi cloud environment. And that’s not all, you will also hear from one of our esteemed customers sharing their experience working with Royal Cyber and how Software AG web Methods have solved their challenges.

You’ll learn about the world of APIs, the Software AG hybrid model, governance, and security best practices.

Discussion Topics:

Importance of a Multi-Cloud Approach
API Governance for Multi-Cloud Strategy
API Governance Best Practices
Success Story – Case Studies
Customer Testimonial
Q & A
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