New container service for multi-cloud deployments of Mule runtimes makes it simple for organizations to build application networks on their preference of data center or cloud. Anypoint runtime fabric is a container service that will automate and orchestrate your mule applications across any environment. Anypoint Runtime Fabric brings cloud benefits to your on-premises deployments, whether in data centers or on a private cloud. The main benefit of the Anypoint Platform is its excellent connectivity, comprehensive feature set, and ease of use.

Anypoint Platform is an open-source technology that addresses the connectivity issues of SaaS, SOA, and APIs. This makes it a hybrid solution to streamline the connectivity between apps resulting in a high productivity rate. The Anypoint platform runs on the Mule engine and serves as an ESB, hybrid integration platform as a service or an API gateway. Anypoint platform also offers API level analytics, management, high availability and more.

Royal Cyber has over 20 years of experience in providing Integration solutions and services to its global clients. As digital transformation needs to evolve, organizations will need to adapt to new architecture trends. With the release of Anypoint Runtime Fabric, it is wise to leverage their existing infrastructure investments. Take the lead of new technologies to meet changing business demands.

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