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Scan and Shop

What is Scan & Shop?

Scan & Shop is an engaging, comprehensive, self-service option that is intended to aid in speedy checkout and upturn the overall shopping experience. Scan & shop allows you to shop fast by scanning your groceries with your smart device. You can see real time amount and the discount that shows up on your shopping aisle.

An easier way to take care of life's time-consuming tasks

An easier way to take care of life's time-consuming tasks

Introducing Scan & Shop, an application which is a handheld scanner technology.
  • Enjoy quantifying benefits, save time and money.
  • Using the mobile scan checkout Bar code/QR code, you need to scan the item, add to the cart list, and verify cart & payment and finally checkout.
  • This process consists of 3 steps. By using this product, customers will be comfortable and quick to shop.
  • Royal Cyber’s Scan & Shop is the most modernized way to shop and will be deployed by many retail companies to grow their business by cutting down the labor costs without layoffs by using technology to drive employee management.

Self-Checkout Solution for Retailers


You can save time by scanning each product as you shop.


There is no more unloading at the checkouts.


Faster check out at the Shop payment area, you can simply pay and go!


Product Features

Scan the scan-shop

Let customers scan items from their handheld device to add them to the cart for saving time at checkout.

Get Product Information

Get detailed information about the product at customer’s fingertips. They can access the scan-shop using a simple barcode scan.

Faster Checkout

Utilizing the self-service feature, customers can tour through an express checkout at the payment kiosk.

Benefits over using Scan and Shop

Benefits over using Scan & Shop

The main benefits cited here is being convenience, saving time, keeping track on your spending and not having to stand in line at the checkouts.

  • Save time by scanning each product’s barcode as you shop. You can also track your spending.
  • Check out faster at the payment area. You just need to simply scan the barcode, pay and go.
  • Pay as you go, there is no more unloading and loading at checkouts.

Scan and Shop leverages you with a smarter way of shopping that saves time and keeps an eye on your budget, giving you a complete control on your shopping experience.

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