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Real-Time Monitoring with
Actionable Insight

for IBM Integration Bus
formerly WebSphere Message Broker

Are you missing out on lost business transactions?

Message Broker Business Challenges

  • Losing critical business transactions
  • Failing business transaction
  • System outage or unavailability of servers during business flows

  • Rectification of poor performance of flows & transactions
  • No Alerts on lost transactions & flows
  • Hard to search exceptions & errors

  • Requires long sessions for troubleshooting
  • Built-in tools are hard to follow &doesn't talk in business terminologies
  • All these results in complications with partners and lost revenue


  • No need to change anything in existing broker application
  • Can be co-hosted with the customer
  • Browser based interface (all known browsers supported)
  • Business specific Dashboards
  • Highlights the critical errors for immediate attention
  • Customizable look & feel as per your corporate theme
  • Runs on all mobile devices, tablets & desktop
  • Provides variety of graphs & charts
  • AJAX/JQuery based rich and interactive user experience

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WebSphere Message broker

Monitor Pro Eco System

Monitor - what matters to you

Alert - the right people & trigger the right process

Configurable & Customizable reports

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  • Identify and isolate application issues and status
  • Determine the specific causes of a problem in your application
  • Fix and re-process transactions in real-time
  • Develop more precise management reports
  • Analyze and identify level of Errors to classify.
  • Minimizes the effort to diagnose issues by avoiding time consuming searches.
  • Respond to new business changes quickly

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