Real-Time Monitoring with Actionable Insight

IBM Integration Bus formerly WebSphere Message Broker

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Message Broker Business Challenges

  • Losing critical business transactions
  • Failing business transaction
  • System outage or unavailability of servers during business flows
  • Rectification of poor performance of flows & transactions
  • No Alerts on lost transactions & flows
  • Hard to search exceptions & errors
  • Requires long sessions for troubleshooting
  • Built-in tools are hard to follow &doesn’t talk in business terminologies
  • All these results in complications with partners and lost revenue


  • No need to change anything in existing broker application
  • Can be co-hosted with the customer
  • Browser based interface (all known browsers supported)
  • Business specific Dashboards
  • Highlights the critical errors for immediate attention
  • Customizable look & feel as per your corporate theme
  • Runs on all mobile devices, tablets & desktop
  • Provides variety of graphs & charts
  • AJAX/JQuery based rich and interactive user experience

Monitor Pro Eco System

Monitor – what matters to you

Alert – the right people & trigger the right process

Configurable & Customizable reports


Identify and isolate application issues and status
Determine the specific causes of a problem in your application
Fix and re-process transactions in real-time
Develop more precise management reports
Analyze and identify level of Errors to classify.
Minimizes the effort to diagnose issues by avoiding time consuming searches.
Respond to new business changes quickly

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