• What is eCatalyst?
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Unique Feature Set
  • Why RoyalCyber?
  • What is eCatalyst ?

    Ecatalyst is a proprietary product which can be integrated with ecommerce software’s like Hybris, Magento etc., and uses events generated by the sites to provide predictions such as personalized predictions, Similar Product predictions, Complementary predictions, Contextual predictions to the users.

    • A proprietary decision making engine that provides predictions and suggestions about the products based on the event traffic of the products in a website.
    • Uses advanced statistical and machine learning techniques for predictions and suggestions. It’s built on top of Big Data architecture and uses HBase and Apache Spark.
    • Highly customizable and provides Intelligent and personalized recommendations to the customers.
    • Can be integrated with eCommerce solutions like Hybris, Magento, WCS etc.,
    • Captures all the events in real time and provides contextual recommendations to the user.
    • Personalized recommendations to the user which translates to more sales and revenue.
    • Advanced statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms provide better recommendations with better accuracy.
    • Machine learning algorithms continuously learns from the new data improving prediction accuracy day by day.
    • Built on top of Big Data architecture providing great scalability without compromising performance.
  • What is Machine Learning ?

    • Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    • It is about creating algorithms and systems that can learn from the data they process.
    • The more data is processed, the better the algorithm will grow into.
    • New data will teach the algorithm/system to teach and improve itself.
    • Used in most of the well-known applications like Google's self-driving car, speech recognition by Apple’s Siri or in Facebook’s facial recognition technology.
    • In retail market, it can be used in recommendation engines like Royal Cyber’s eCatalyst predictive engine.
  • Why eCatalyst ?

    Power your web site with personalized recommendations and help unleash new opportunities for sales growth. Increase revenue from existing customers and visiting customers into paying customer.

  • Why Royal Cyber ?

      We build something incredible, for anyone.

    • New and improved features to augment your sales engine
    • Provide target recommendations
    • Sales advice to improve customer loyalty
    • Perfect combination of technology and innovation
    • Adeptness to facilitate the ever-expanding business requirements
    • Improving revenue to the retailers