Extend The Way Your Consumers Interact & Shop With You!

Today's mobile enabled customer needs a quick solution to view, interact & checkout with your product portfolio, avoiding long queues & complex payment mechanisms. Capture Life from Royal Cyber, a revolutionary Mobile Commerce platform, optimizes your customers retail shopping experience and help them save time, effort & money thus giving you a better ROI.

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We are enabling them with a one touch solution to help them execute from browsing to checkout.


Greater Interactivity
  • Complete product information
  • Early access to products
  • Better salesmanship - no intervention
  • Simply endless possibilities
  • Better shopping decisions
  • Better experience with reduced returns
Real Time Analytics
  • Accessible to a fast increasing mobile market
  • No inventory costs and long lines
  • Detailed analytics to understand the audience
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Make Sure the Furniture Impacts
the Look of Your Home

  • Offering the customer a revolutionary solution to visualize furniture's
  • Envision multiple photorealistic things to create exquisite room design
  • Decide whether or not the product is in your style
  • Evaluating the purchase of furniture's that are in general too large to try
  • Interest new customers to drive traffic
  • Take the real world item offering an immersive look in the virtual world

Try and Compare Limitless Catalogue Of Jewelry

  • Providing the shoppers an interactive way to connect
  • Making the interaction, a probability to choose the jewelry
  • Gives the buyers a seamless virtual fitting room
  • Increase conversion and reduce return rate
  • Empowering customers to buy with confidence
  • Visualize the jewelry try on, creating a greater impact on buyers

Mimic the Experience of Your Shopping

  • Blends virtual reality with physical reality for shoppers
  • Get more enjoyable and personalized shopping experience
  • Powerful means to lure consumers
  • Access to the swarm of clothing
  • Speed and convenience to buyers
  • Awesome opportunity to increase brand engagement

Track the Entire Range of Shoes to Fit Your Feet

  • Allowing shoppers to avoid waiting in queue
  • Unswerving selection and direct purchasing
  • Clear depiction of what the shoe will look while wearing it
  • Lending more convenience and more purpose shoppers
  • Making the customer journey close to a purchase decision
  • Allowing you to choose your much loved brands, colors and sizes
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Catalog Scanning

  • Creating a digital link between commerce and catalog
  • Enjoyable experience for customers who relish browsing catalogs
  • Offering an unmatched speed and precision
  • Bridging the gap between showroom and online purchase

Credit Card Scanning

  • Increase transaction accomplishment rates by more than 10%
  • Trim a few seconds on making an online purchase
  • Save from straining to see at that pale expiration date on the card
  • Reducing customer data entry errors
  • Fills the details automatically
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User Feature Sets

  • One-touch Access to Scan and Product Detail
  • Cutting-edge experience on interactive product catalogues
  • Virtual placement and adjustment of the product using in-app viewfinder powered by augmented reality
  • Notifications of Product Availability
  • Aisle and Bay information of the product including floor maps
  • Geo-location of nearby stores using map
  • Unique shopping experience, keeping users amazed
  • Speedy checkout and shorter waiting queues
  • Using loyalty points & scanning your coupons when shopping through catalogs from a wide range of products

Administrative Features

  • Manageable Product Inventory Information
  • Incorporate Different Product Images
  • Real-time product sales analytics
  • Customizable Aisle Bay Floor Maps
  • Organize special product campaign, coupon, and offer
  • Employees are free from the manual scanning process and can focus on customer service

We take compatibility extremely seriously - that is why the Royal Cyber Mobile application has been designed to work with all ecommerce platforms, custom or otherwise. If you have a specific need, please Place an enquiry

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