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Unleashing GenAI's Transformative Power with ServiceNow Now Assist

Maximizing ITSM Efficiency: A Glimpse into The Now Assist Transformation

Many businesses encounter the difficulty of improving productivity, elevating user experiences, and promoting agility throughout various departments. Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) smoothly into daily operations can be a significant challenge for many.

Introducing ServiceNow Now Assist, an innovative solution designed for Now Platform users that brings GenAI capabilities to every facet of your organization. In contrast to traditional AI integrations, Now Assist seamlessly integrates with existing applications and modules on the Now Platform, eliminating the need for extensive integration projects. This groundbreaking tool empowers businesses to effortlessly boost productivity, enhance user experiences, and expedite agility.

Join us for a transformative event as we unveil the groundbreaking capabilities of Now Assist, a cutting-edge solution designed to reshape the landscape of IT services. This symposium is your exclusive opportunity to delve into the revolutionary features and benefits of Now Assist, explore its diverse use cases across industries, and engage in insightful discussions with experts and fellow IT professionals.

Meet Our Experts

Key insights will include:
Gayathri Bojja
Gayathri Devi Bojja
Sr. Software Engineer - ServiceNow
Syed Basheer
Syed Basheer
Senior Vice President of Technology
RC USA Office Networking

Event Highlights

Opening Keynote

Welcome and Introduction

Now Assist Overview

Discover the Revolutionary Capabilities of Now Assist

Now Assist Unveiled

Now Assist Features and Benefits

Explore Now Assist Use Cases

Showcasing Now Assist's Impact Across Diverse Industries and Business Functions.

Networking and Q&A

Engage in Thought-provoking Discussions with Experts. Connect with Fellow IT professionals, ServiceNow Enthusiasts, and Thought Leaders to Build Valuable Relationships.

March 28th, 2024 | 12:00 - 01:00 PM CST

Unleashing GenAI's Transformative Power with ServiceNow Now Assist