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Does your business rely on green-screen applications?

Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) help you realize new value from feature-rich, mission-critical applications. Without need of any modification to existing applications, or even access to source code or screen maps, IBM Rational Hats empowers you to quickly transform your text-based terminal applications into intuitive Web, portlet, rich-client or mobile-device UIs.

IBM WebSphere Hats offers exciting capabilities that strengthens more of the solution’s ability to provide practical, low-risk, low-cost, industrial-strength UI transformation and service enablement.

Improve application UI to
Streamline application flow to improve employee productivity
Eliminate or reduce administration and maintenance of terminal emulation clients
Use existing applications in their new business processes

This low risk HATS transformation can cut on training costs, increase end user productivity and satisfaction, and enable re-use of demonstrated business logic in new applications. If you are among many organizations struggling for innovation and need to deliver more services with a reduced or flat IT budget then Royal Cyber’s IBM Hats services help you gain tangible benefits.

About Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber commenced its operations in year 2002 as a specialized Technology provider, headquartered out of Naperville, IL and further striding in as a software deployment service provider by partnering with IBM as a Business Authorized trainer and Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Today we stand tall as a One Stop Shop for all your IT needs.

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