Elevate your Tealeaf Alerts with a Robust Cognitive Platform

Royal Cyber brings IBM Watson’s Conversation and Natural Language Learning to provide your end users with immediate course of action based on Tealeaf Alerts. Did your customer faced a repetitive struggle, let our Watson Chat Bot take over and provide immediate response to customer. Help customer divert their path from an erroneous path to a successful conversion.

Join us to learn:
Reduce cost by automating responses
Learn and understand your customer better
Machine Learning and custom integrations
Speaker Profile:
Zulfiqar Memon
Customer Experience & Digital Analytics

A seasoned Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Analyst with 7+ years of experience in using multiple platforms like IBM Coremetrics, IBM Tealeaf and Google Analytics.
He has worked extensively with clients and their analyst teams and have successfully interpreted their requirements into actionable tasks. He has a phenomenal ability to utilized Tealeaf and other web analytics tools.


Title: Elevate your Tealeaf Alerts with a Robust Cognitive Platform

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