Monitoring Solution Built On IBM Sterling
B2BI Platform

Track, Trace and Analyze Transactions with
B2BI MonitorPro

Royal Cyber with IT specialization and in-depth reporting capabilities monitors and tracks both incoming and outgoing B2B transactions, at the same time alerting you to failures and unexpected events in real-time so you can quickly identify and resolve issues.

Unique Features of MonitorPro

Transfer Metrics
Alerts & Automated Actions
Transaction / Message Tracking
Business Process & Protocol Activities
Arrived File Events, Route Events, Delivery Events
Identify Incomplete / Stuck File Transactions

Extensive Activity Log

  • Graphical representation of file volume
  • Up to the minute details in file processing traffic
  • Sort file metrics by file type
  • Review file traffic by many different or specific date ranges
  • Ability to drill down by file type

Discover Data Quickly & Efficiently

  • View high volume trading partner by sender and receiver
  • Ability to drill down by trading partners
  • Ability to see how many orders were created by trading partner details
  • Ability to see specific orders by trading partner
  • Ability to view transaction details by file type

Intuitive Invoice Dashboard

  • View current status of order processing
  • Ability to track volume of files by type
  • Ability to see processing date/time of file deliver by trading partner
  • Ability to view file details by PO
  • Ability to view file details by file type

Real-Time Transaction Data

  • Ability for non-technical users to view file details
  • Quickly search files by contents of the file
  • Ability view the actual file delivered without access to SFG
  • Ability to search for file by filename
  • Ability to see transfer details without access to SFG

Monitoring Business Impact & Process Visibility

Dynamic Dashboards

File Visibility

Error Logging
Detailed Reporting
Middleware Monitoring
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