Supply Chain Visibility

Get Remarkable Visibility, Power & Cognizance Across your Ecosystem
Flexible, scalable solutions bringing end-to-end visibility to your supply chain

Are You Facing Supply Chain Challenges?

End-to-End Visibility Control, & Actionable Insight
using MonitorPro

Our Visibility Portal provides companies a unique level of visibility, control, & insight
across their critical information, systems & partners.

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Unified Open Source

Built on ELK and Grafana, the top open source tools to analyze the logs and metrics in real-time for the distributed cloud workloads.
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Cloud / OnPrem

Fully scalable and managed including custom-made dashboards to monitor complex, distributed architectures.
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Role-Based Access

Empower designated business users, external partners, and customers with a self-service portal to view the status of transactions and resolve issues.

Key Highlights

  • Real-time visibility trend analysis and dashboards
  • Anomaly detection / alerts
  • Easy re-processing or re-sending
  • 360o life cycle tracking
  • Role-based access and visibility for business users
  • Individualized dashboards and reports
  • Simplify and centralize tasks

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Thanks to Royal Cyber for their support in Monitoring Middleware Technologies. Throughout the entire solution deployment and configuration process, the guidance from the Royal Cyber team was invaluable.

Ritesh Patel
Chief Information Officer

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Real Time Monitoring & ML Capabilities

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