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Royal Cyber prides itself by partnering with best of the breed technology innovators. We believe that every part of life will work better if it all works together - and that the journey starts with smarter organization with full spectrum of interactions, and a magnificent environment committed to deliver high standards of quality service and expertise.

Working in Partnership is crucial for us to deliver our clients with sustainable commitments

Today’s development environments require high-performance management solutions that scale to the needs of fast-growing, global teams. They need an extensible versioning platform that integrates with a widespread range of technologies and tools. Royal Cyber’s partners are in a unique position to help organizations address the requirements.

Partnership with IBM as a premium business partner and authorized trainer is one of the key assets of Royal Cyber. We are committed to help enterprises with a comprehensive set of capabilities and technical expertise across IBM Lotus, WebSphere , Tivoli, Rational, and Information Management software brands. This allows us to blend components of different brands (cross-branding) to create superior performance as seen in our Exceptional Web Experience and Social Commerce project tracks.

About IBM:
IBM, International Business Machines Corporation is a global technology company with operations in over 170 countries. Headquartered in Armonk, New York, IBM helps organizations and institutions around the world to build a smarter planet by letting them invent with IBM technologies. It is known as the world’s largest computer company with over 388,000 employees and is the largest information technology employer in the world.

Our partnership with Microsoft provides us enhanced capabilities to bundle our Business Intelligence solutions with the common Microsoft products such as SQL Server, Sharepoint and MSOffice. We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding solutions by bundling-up the IBM Business Analytics with Microsoft products.

About Microsoft:
Microsoft is the world’s largest supplier of computer software program that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions.

Partnership with CA Technologies is one of the key moves been made by Royal Cyber as this has enabled our customers to manage and secure their IT environment and deliver more flexible IT services to their customers.

About CA Technologies:
CA Technologies, formerly CA and Computer Associates International is IT management software and Solutions Company based in New York with deep expertise in creating software that runs in mainframe, distributed, virtual and cloud environments.

Royal Cyber is a Hybris Silver Partner engaged in delivering seamless shopping experience with complete ecommerce capabilities. We have implemented best-in-class solutions that encompass a broad range of offerings such as mobile, social, precision marketing, discounts, coupons, cross-selling payment, ERP and CRM integration and more. Over the years, Royal Cyber has evolved as the most preferred Hybris Certified Consultant that provides faster time-to-market with a lower cost of deployment.

About SAP Hybris:
SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software and is based out of Munich, Germany. SAP Hybris is a product for commerce, marketing, billing, service, and sales. SAP Hybris Commerce delivers state-of-the-art customer data management, context-driven marketing tools and unified commerce processes for all your channels.

Royal Cyber is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) partner providing custom cloud services and support for enterprises. Our engagement with AWS encompasses providing a range of cloud-based solutions that aim to streamline processes, reduce cost, expand capacity and address specific business needs. In a short span, Royal Cyber has evolved as one of the most preferred AWS partner with its qualified staff and dependable technical support for providing assured quality and speed in developing and deploying applications on the cloud. With AWS, we have helped clients scale up, analyze data sets in real time, run custom applications, build high-performance websites and mobile applications and do a lot more. In every solution offered, we work towards accelerating agility and reducing the cost involved. We continue to work closely with clients on projects involving AWS integration, cloud managed services, cloud migration services, cloud DR and back-up services, performance monitoring, IT infrastructure transformation, user training and managed cloud support. As companies increasingly embrace the cloud, Royal Cyber continues to play a pivotal role in bringing about the required transformation in businesses worldwide.