IBM Digital Experience – Making your digital experience stand out

The event, which was held in between 1st and 4th June, 2015 at the Marriott Marquis Atlanta, touted some tracks to align with IBM’s overall vision and focus on digital brand with dynamic web portals to transform the business.

This conference offered a unique opportunity for various clients to explore the latest Digital Experience solutions and to gain an understanding of tangible business benefits, so the clients can find the best ways to optimize solutions that is already in business practice.

There were over 120 unique sessions and presenters from IBM Business Partners, IBM experts, and successful Digital Experience clients, businesses across all industry verticals and employees at all levels.

The sessions were appended by a broad range of hands-on labs, educational forums, and loads of demonstrations, all designed to put in touch with experts that will certainly influence the success of the projects.

IBM Digital Experience 2015 gave what people were looking in terms of guidance on strategy, practical experience and methodology. It also gave the power to transform and the way to engage with clients and employees to drive growth and loyalty. It was a great start in the first week and one of the best conference that ever took place.