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Xamarin - A perfect platform to bring your mobile application alive. Xamarin is the one of the first of its kind mobile development platform for crafting cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Xamarin is being embraced by establishments small and large as it provides true native experience it provides, at the same time offering cross platform benefits.

Why should I opt for Xamarin?

  • Native User Experience - Build the efficiency and experience of a real native app using a fraction of the development struggle.
  • Usage of 3rd Party Libraries - Reuse all the existing objective C code libraries and Java code libraries or Android/ iOS libraries that do not have browser needs.
  • Sharing Code across Platforms - Using the same APIs, data structures and language on every platform with C# codebase.
  • Support for New Platform - Get the same day support for the most recent updates to the native platforms like Apple and Google.
  • Use the Preferred IDE - Xamarin studio on Windows or Mac, or Visual Studio.

Royal Cyber Inc. partnership with Xamarin braces our mobile development services for our clients across different industries and industry verticals. Xamarin partnership supports our competency and expertise to design and develop innate mobile apps on Xamarin platform for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  • Developing cross-platform app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices in C#
  • App development for enterprises on Xamarin platform
  • Migration & Porting of applications on Xamarin platform
  • Integrating third-party tools with Xamarin application
  • Testing apps with Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Monitoring and analyzing application using Xamarin Insights

We start everything by understanding your audience. Our team of experienced Xamarin experts has the competency to create custom-built, strong and secure mobile solutions for small, midsize and large enterprises.

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