Royal Cyber IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) Health Check Assessment tells you a lot about your Portal and WCM environment. Schedule an on-site assessment now!

Discounted Price = $8,000 - $3,000 = $5,000

Duration: 2 weeks (1 week onsite & 1 week offsite)

Royal Cyber key assessment activities is centered on following four phases:

Week 1

  • WCM Infrastructure Design Review
  • Current IT environment
  • Nonfunctional requirements, SLAs, performance and availability targets
  • Portal/WCM Infrastructure component model
  • Disaster Recovery plans
  • Infrastructure Environment topology including nodes, clustering, dependencies (LDAP, DB, HTTP), Virtual Portals as applicable
  • Architectural decisions
  • WCM Infrastructure Implementation Examination
  • Installation and configuration of production authoring environment
  • Installation and configuration of production rendering environment(s)
  • Installation and configuration of lower environments(s)
  • Backup and restore, data replication and failover
  • WCM libraries and syndication
  • Week 2

  • WCM Solution Design Review
  • Solution design architectural decisions
  • WCM artifact deployment process
  • Organization and duplication of library contents and site elements
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Approval Workflow
  • UI Theme design and integration
  • Site Structure and Navigation
  • WCM Solution Implementation Examination
  • Examine UI Theme and Skins
  • Examine UI Theme and Skins
  • Real world usage of authoring environment, workflow and syndication
  • Performance test results
  • Operational procedures for content release, system administration, backup and restore, monitoring and testing
  • IBM WCM Health Check diagnoses and Identify problems and issues associated with WebSphere Portal and Web Content Management systems which are currently in production and provides recommendations for improving the portal experience for users. Our Solution Architect will visit you and perform IBM WCM Health Check Assessment.

    Alex Jeyasingh

    Solution Architect, Royal Cyber Inc.

    Alex working with Royal Cyber as an expert IBM WCM and WPS Architect having experience in design, development, and analysis of enterprise software products and project management.

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