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A company with 3270 and 5250 applications running on IBM System z® and IBM i® platforms must have invested a lot over the years both in term of time and monetary resources. Undoubtedly, these matured applications are hard to replace, but in the current era it is difficult to work on the old green screen applications with no modernized User Interface experience. It’s a pain point not only for the organizations but also for existing and potential customers. Furthermore, it is difficult to take new resources on-board on legacy technologies, resulting in huge training costs.

There are two possible solutions:

In order to cater this scenario a company with 3270 and 5250 applications running on IBM System z® and IBM i® platforms respectively, can either go for:

  • Modernizing via IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services® (HATS) or
  • Building a new system from scratch and migrate the existing data.

It is cost & time effective to reuse existing applications than to rewrite a new application from scratch. With IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS), access to host applications can be modernized and delivered to users without any impact to the existing host applications.

Rational HATS is a premier IBM product suite that is inarguably the best tool for presenting old green screen applications built on IBM i, z servers, in modernized manner rapidly and efficiently.

  • HATS does not merely displays the content of green screen application on the modernized interface. There are so many things that HATS can do, like modernizing Green screen per the recent UI standards using macros, customization and other techniques to show data in organized and friendly manner, enhancements in workflows, integration with other systems using SOA, and accessibility from wide range of devices.
  • HATS modernized version can be prepared for various output mediums.
  • No changes required in the existing applications, so the matured environment built on proven platforms and technologies stays at the backend ensuring business continuation and stability.
  • There is no need to migrate data with HATS implementation.
  • Moving to HATS permits new resources to come on-board quickly, and it is easy to find resources for modern technologies.
  • Permits usage of Advance controls and widgets
  • HATS can also be used for creating Mobile version for specific devices or general devices.

The decision to go for HATS brings in a lot of benefits like:

  • Improvement in the appearance of user interfaces
  • Accessibility of existing applications from a common portal
  • Reduction in the learning curve for new employees
  • Extension of the application to new customers who rely on web application ease-of-use
  • Very helpful for the Customers who want to use existing applications in their new business processes, use SOA, Web Services

Let us discuss in more details what HATS can do for you in the quest of modernizing the old green screen legacy applications.

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