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Are you invested in WESB? Do you know that end of life is approaching for WESB?

For all the enterprises that wants to be connected yet flexible, an ESB is always essential to ensure that all its parts are connected with each other in a scalable model. Placing connectivity as a major factor for an enterprise's excellence, IBM has brought together WebSphere MB and Enterprise Service Bus to deliver a common integration backbone, IBM Integration Bus. Through IBM, IIB is an enterprise that can have the best-of-both worlds with enhanced functionality.

Royal Cyber is helping customers make the move to IBM IIB.

We understand the risks involved in moving from WebSphere ESB to a new platform. We also know that your clients face more risks operating a business on software that is no longer supported. Royal Cyber can help you get your IT environment up-to-date, empowering you to limitlessly innovate in an progressively competitive market.

Why invest in a purpose-built Integration solution?

  • Rapid Time To Value - Quickly integrate existing systems in a new way to offer new services or improve processes
  • Reduce Costs - Avoid rework and simplify maintenance by reducing expensive tight coupling
  • Flexibility - Add, replace or upgrade systems easily due to anonymity between producers and consumers

Why choose IBM Integration Bus?

Delivers major new capabilities, including...

  • Greater integration with ODM for Decision Services
  • Simplified Integration Services for BPM
  • Intelligent Workload Management
  • Service Mapping for App Developers and Integrators
  • Enable business insight to be applied to in-flight data
  • Accelerated creation of integration services for BPM Operational awareness and control over workload
  • Addresses the heterogeneous nature of integration projects
  • Runs anywhere
  • Integrates a diverse range of endpoints
  • Transforms standard, non-standard and custom data
  • Supports client choice of developer skills and tools
  • Visibility & insight of integration in Application environment

Why Choose Royal Cyber as your Migration Partner?

  • Team of Certified Middleware/Integration Professionals
  • Global outreach
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Helps you to improve performance & productivity of your all business processes
  • Quality services with guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Successful deployment of customers from different industry verticals

Are you ready to see what we have?

Royal Cyber offers the following ways to get you started:

A complete assessment of your current WebSphere ESB environment
A roadmap to migrating to IIB quickly and effortlessly, along with license migrations